General Rules for Advertising

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General Rules for Advertising

Post by Mrs Bezarius on Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:24 pm

General Rules for Advertising

  • In order to submit your advertisement, you must have twenty-five [25] quality posts on Alice in Wonderland.
  • All ads must be submitted by an admin or moderator of the board.
  • Ads may be submitted for any board host [IF/ZB/IPB/vB/PB/phpBB/ etc.] but members should be able to sign up for free.
  • You must have our mini-button on the index of your board, either in the header, footer or sidebar. If we can't find the button your advertisement will be trashed (the button should be visible, not in a drop down list or in another form).
  • Our button should not be altered in any way, shape or form. You will be asked to replace it with our original button within 24 hours if this is noticed.
  • Fill out the whole template, or else your topic will be deleted.
  • If your forum has a website, please link directly to the forum, as it makes sorting easier. You can include the link to the website, but the first link should be directly to the forum.
  • Forums should be online and should not force guests to log in to see them.
  • Members are allowed one 'freebie' bump after their ad has been accepted into our directory. This 'freebie' bump may only be made within the first month of their ad being sorted, and cannot be used at any other time while their ad is in our directory. Because the sorting multi-mod is counted as a post, the ad submitter may reply to their ad within the first month without being penalized. However, after that bump, the ad submitter must wait one calendar month before bumping again (the period extending from a date in one month to the corresponding date in the following month). Anybody found bumping more than once-per-month after their 'freebie' bump will be warned, and further bumping will result in the trashing of the ad.
  • Advertising via PM is strictly forbidden. If you have received a PM advertising a board, forward this to 'Mrs Bezarius' and do not reply to it.

Advertising form for Forum
[B]Name of Board:[/B]
[B]Link to Board:[/B]
[B]Location of our Mini Banner:[/B]

[B]Board Description:[/B]
[B]Other Notes:[/B]
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