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Post by Mrs Bezarius on Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:41 am

General Rules & Guidelines.

  • No double posting, triple posting, ect. We have an edit button for a purpose, use it.
  • Don't bump topics over 2 months old.
  • Please no thread about death, dying, cancer, suicide etc. We do care but this is not the place to post them.
  • No spamming, opening purposeless threads or unnecessary posting
  • You may not edit messages that have been edited by a moderator/admin.
  • You may not publicly complain about thread closure/trashing, post deletion, warnings and bans of other members. Please PM a staff member if you have a problem.
  • Before opening a topic, be sure it hasn't been discussed before, and ask yourself if it is really necessary to open such a topic again.
  • Don't back-seat moderate; our staff members are more than capable of sorting things out. If you need to report a post, click the 'Report' button.
  • Please use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. We understand that it does not come easily to some people, but please try your best.
  • Do not ask to be a staff member. These positions will be given to those the staff choose.
  • Please check you are posting in the right section BEFORE you create a new thread/poll!
  • Attention seeking threads (e.g. Do you like me? Am I stupid?) are not acceptable and will be removed.
  • All posts are to be legible in a good size font (i.e. not too small or too big or in a colour difficult to read)
  • Do not post links to websites containing information about, hacking, cracking, credit card fraud, pornography, or any other illegal or immoral websites. Doing so will result in you being banned immediately.
  • Please do not make posts/topics which discuss specific religious or political views.
  • Do not create topics / create posts / send messages through the PM system containing links to personal forums or websites for the purpose of advertising. Advertising is not allowed. Members are allowed to put a link in their signature to their sites if they wish, and links to sites giving useful information relevant to the topic are allowed.
  • Do not SPAM--make meaningless posts, posts unrelated to the topic. We try very hard here to provide useful information in a friendly environment, and no-one wants to have to sort through hundreds of useless posts/topics to get the information they want. Useless/annoying/pointless topics and posts will be deleted. Members who consistently SPAM will be warned and eventually banned.
  • Do not copy another person's Information. If you have information that you wish to share that you have read on another site / forum, you MUST post a link to the source and give credit to the original topic starter. You cannot copy other people's charts / guides from other forums and post them here as your own work.
  • Do not copy another person's artwork. Do not steal other people's artwork (avatars, signatures, etc.) and re-host it / claim it as your own. This creates arguments and conflict. Permission should be obtained, and credit should be given for someone else's work.
  • If you're going to answer a question, be polite when posting and make sure you are actually answering the question. Comments such as, "Sorry, I don't know," aren't very helpful towards the topic starter who is trying to get an answer.
  • If you're going to ask a question, make the topic title clear and precise; this makes it easier for others to help.
  • Don't join the site for the purpose of dating.
  • Be respectful to all members of the site, and also members of other sites. Badmouthing a member of another site here is frowned upon
  • Don't impersonate others. It causes confusion and conflict. Remember, the staff can always check your email address and I.P address to see if you really are the person.
  • Remember to empty your PM box! If your box is full then no one can contact you!

This might look like a huge list but it is only the basic rules. Any violations to these rules will result in a warning / suspension / ban, depending on the level of seriousness.

Alice in Wonderland is not responsible for any un-true or illegal information posted on this forum. It is the full responsibility of the member that posted them.

The rules might change at anytime be sure you are up to date with the rules.

Mrs Bezarius
Mrs Bezarius
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