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Role Play Guide

Post by Mrs Bezarius on Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:45 pm

Step 1: Choose Your Character

1. Characters should be fictional.
    Chose a fictional character name to use and chose a role for that character. Examples could be: Wizzard, Cleric, Priest/Priestess, Monk, Knight, Paladin, Vamp, Demon, Dragon, Fairy, Unicorn, Mermaid, Vampire, Witch, etc. However, characters should not be all-powerful (see No God-Playing, below).

2. Characters should be consistent and somewhat realistic.
    No God-Playing
    A character should never be some all powerful being that no other character can harm. Characters can be powerful and Godlike, but never be invincible.
    Example: Zandor points his finger of god at Zorax killing him instantly, despite all of Zorax's attempts to fight back.

Stay with your character
    Morphing For example: if you choose to be a fairy, and decide just before battle you want to change into a giant Red Dragon just to destroy the puny mortals you might be able to do so as long as it's on a consensual basis with those in your storyline. Morphing is permitted, but in most cases, that spell only lasts for a short while. Also, fairies can cast an illusion of themselves appearing to be a dragon, but that is fairy-based magic and not real. It may be used to scare some feeble minded goblins, however some of the more intelligent races may be able to see through the illusion.

Cause and Effect
    As with any other cyber interaction, this guideline should be followed on a consensual basis. In otherwords, if it's ok with your RP partner and yourself then it will be respected by the room. For each character's action the other character should be given time for a reaction.
    Example of C&E: Zandor punches Zorax in the stomach
    Example of non-C&E: Zandor attempts to punch Zorax in the stomach (the difference in this post is that this gives Zorax the option to either parry or take the blow).

Character Deaths
    If your character dies (which could happen, but not against your will), and you decide to bring him/her back, a HIGH Priest or Priestess or a character of equal power or a fictional being from the spirit world-such Valhalla-may bring them back to life. There is no limit on character deaths because we can keep the storylines going and keep everyone in the RP. If we all died then who would we have to play with? Again, this should be done on a consensual basis with those in your storylines.

Step 2: Join in the fun!

1. Please keep most public postings in character.
    Limit OOC (Out of Character) postings
    Any idle chatter should be kept to the reds (Private Messages) as much as possible. If they must be public, than they should pertain to RP questions only. A "Hey Sue how are you? What have you been up to?" post to another chatter is OOC - Sue is not a character in RP, hence Sue should not be posted to in public.

2. Respect others scenes.
    More than one scene may be going on in the room. All characters in a scene may not all be in the same place. Use the motto bar to tell where you are and which scene you are doing. Some plots to scenes are pre-planned with pre-set characters, though some are kind of "fly by the seat of your pants" scenes. Be kind to your fellow RP'ers and do not interfere negatively in their scenes which could ruin their plots.
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