The Story Of Alice in Wonderland.

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The Story Of Alice in Wonderland.

Post by Mrs Bezarius on Wed Aug 25, 2010 4:44 am

If you have read the descriptions in the category Alice in Wonderland you could see that there's some sort of story. How does it lead up to Four Great Dukedoms, Pandora Members, Chains and ect. ?
Here it is:

BEWARE. This story is made by a noob. It fails in every single way it possibly could fail in, and more. Do not read if you have:
-(a) Headache.
-Or heart failure.

It may cause:
-Light headedness.
-More Stupidity
-Even more Stupidity
-Liver disease.
-Awesome face.
-Disagreeing face
-and more.


The Story Of Alice in Wonder[s]Abyssy[/s]land

When chasing a rabbit that caught you interest, you suddenly fall into a rabbit hole. You're taken into a deep dark abyss. You wonder around for a while and you meet up with the rabbit you were chasing after earlier. He tells you that you are in Wonderland. But this place isn't all fun and games, he explains that there are rules here that you have to follow. He takes you to a broken down building which seems to be called 'Rules and Information' there you see many documents containing information and rules for Wonderland.

The hare tells you that theres someone he wants you to meet. He brings you to another beaten down building, you enter and find a man sitting at a desk. The hare walks up to the man and explains to him that you are new here. The man greets you and introduces himself as the mad hatter. He tells you that if you ever need some guidelines, that you could go to him for help.

You exit the building with the hare and start heading to the left, when you bump into someone. The person apologizes and says that he is busy at the moment and can't chat. Before he leaves you catch a glimpse of some car ears. The hare explains that the man they met right now is Chesire Cat; the mailman here. He holds all the news and updates, and sends them to the other chains and residents here.

You ask the hare what he is here, and it replies by saying that it is the creator of this place; Will of the Abyss. Otherwise known as The White Rabbit. It explains that it is also female. The hare tells you, that if you have any problems around here, that you should tell her. She might consider changing it to the way you want, if she thinks it's a good idea.

After the hare is finished speaking, you hear a bunch of noise coming from behind you. You turn to see a huge crowd of people forming a circle. The hare explains that sometimes residents participate in contests held by the workers. She says that you can also participate if you'd like. They might be prizes given out.

After a few minutes you begin to feel hungry as you wonder alone, because the hare had to leave for some business. You wonder if there is any food here. You wonder around for a little bit and stumble across a gate. As you start to wonder whats across that gate, two guards come up from behind you. The ask you if you have any business with he Queen of Hearts. You explain to them that you were just looking for some food. They're expressions seemed shocked to what you just said, then you ask them whats wrong. They say that there is no food here, as the only things that live here are Chains. You are shocked by their response, then you hurry to find the hare.

After minutes of searching, you can't seem to find the hare. Suddenly you hear this melody from out of nowhere. If seems as though it's calling to you. As you draw near to the sound you see the hare ! You call out to it but you notice that its fur has a different color. It's black. The hare turns around to face you and it exclaims that it has finally found you. It says that it needs you to get out of Wonderland. You ask the hare what it means and it says that the only way out of here is to make a contract with a human. You explain that you were looking for The White Rabbit and if it knows where she is. She says she does but, she has no intention of showing you. You ask it why, and she replies by saying if she shows you then you'll make a contract with that other rabbit and she'll be able to leave here, while she won't. She will definitely won't allow that. She tells you to make a contract with her, since you won't be able to live here for long without any food. After a while of arguing [I'm too lazy to post the arguing, this is where you use your imagination and add lots and lots of arguing. ;D] you agree. And you make a contract with the Black Rabbit. [DUN DUN DUN.]

You escape out of the Abyss, and find out that 10 years have past. -insert normal PH story line here-

You become either a Legal or Illegal Contractor. You meet up with some Pandora Members, and the Four Great Dukedoms, which are all so mighty and like epic too great for everything.


Yes, that's it.
If anyone wants to make a better version of this may do so in the Fanfiction forum. I'll be looking forward to your awesome, non-horrible, non-choppy, and planned out stories. :)

Thanks for reading this horrible piece of work. I'll be closing this, I don't need any criticism on this I know it's horrible. Nu
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